Fallout 76, Open World, Survival, Multiplayer, RPG

Let there be light, with nuclear explosions! Time to level the playing field. Literally. Bethesda is finally giving us what we have always wanted: a multiplayer Fallout. I know I’m not the only one who tried to download the multiplayer mod for Skyrim haha! That was a fail. 


Can you see me bro?

Fallout 76 is suppose to be 4 times the size of Fallout 4! I am going to say at least 15-20 square miles. The reason for this is due to the online nature of the game, with 24 players, Todd Howard says that Fallout 76 is “entirely online, but that isn’t to say its a massively multiplayer game though, it’s more like a “shared world” shooter, similar to games like Destiny.

When you play the game, you’ll be on a map with a dozen or so other players. Not hundreds, not thousands – just a few. It is the apocalypse, after all. Bethesda’s Pete Hines said that while it is an online game Fallout 76 will still have a main story with lots of quests to do. NPCs though will be more scarce! So when you see a person its most likely a real player RUN! I forgot to mention you can fire nuclear bombs once you find a certain number of codes in the game (I guess it takes a while) you then need to find where the bomb itself is located, this sounds easy right? It is not. You must fight through tons of monsters and ghouls and infiltrate the launch site. 5…4…3…2….1 death, and destruction in any area that you pick on the map. This is not a way to troll, by the way, you can’t see every player-built base on the map, and just drop bombs all day. The aftermath will leave a massive amount of rare materials for you to scavenge to make epic weapons or other cool equipment so you don’t want to waste that kind of fire power.



Speaking of Bethesda!

Once upon a time this game called Elder Scrolls Online.. The end. Personally I thought it was a good game for the first 100 hours or so but it become clear that the systems in play (progression, questing, dynamic world events, crafting) became very dull and repetitive. Maybe this has changed since launch? I think my expectations could have been a little too high; maybe the hype killed it. Let’s take a step or two back into the good old days of Morrowind shall we. 


This my friends is where the magic happened, this is what made me love Elder Scrolls. Do you remember when you were just walking along, minding your own business, killing some mudcrabs, when this guy just falls from the heavens screaming like a banshee swinging in a frenzy to smash into the ground and die? 


Yeah that’s right it’s all coming back now. Oh what’s this? (Opens inventory) a scroll? “Use” oh my sweet baby Jesus I might have just really messed up. (Falling to my death) Well that was something I will never forget, time to reload my save and go back. That one little scroll from the old man most people will never forget if they actually found him. This brings me back to the topic at hand, will we have these memorable moments in Fallout 76? I believe that Bethesda has some special things in store for us, if you can wait long enough.. The Elder Scrolls VI Announcement Trailer



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